How about a book recommendation for Easter #atHome?

As we cannot travel, let's mind travel! Let yourself be transported to the India of the XXth century, to the colours, the aromas, the magic of the country and the key moment in history in which The Dancer and The Raja by Javier Moro takes place.

The dance and the Raja_Javier Moro

To minimize the spoiler I might do, I will give a brief introduction of the argument. The story turns around Anita Delgado, a 17 year old Spanish humble flamenco dancer who marries the Indian Maharajá of Kapurthala, and the love-hate story between both.

It is a good read because on one hand, it is intriguing due to the evolving and surprising relationship between Anita, the Marajá and his family. And on the other hand, it is very interesting as it allows you to penetrate into the traditions, the culture and the history of the fascinating India during its last colonial period and its independence in 1947 from the British Empire.

And what's better to grab even more your interest than by telling you that it is based on a real story? Dip into this highly descriptive historical fiction and tell us about it!  


“Only the memory of the just leaves a sweet fragrance in the world”

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