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There are in fact small changes we can implement in our daily lives that would make a great impact in the environment. For instance, have you ever thought of...

  • Buying reef-safe sunscreen VS traditional sunblock lotions?
There are a large number of new brands offering coral-friendly sunscreen options and, even the long-life brands like Nivea have started to include these options in their portfolios. 

      • Switching to ecological cosmetics?
      Most of them are even more effective than the non-ecological ones. Warning: always check if they have a short expiry date, that is how you will know they are truly natural.

          • Levering un-used water?
          Before showering, you can start collecting the cold water while you wait for the warm water to come out. Later, you could use it for instance to wash your car or to water your plants! The possibilities are infinite. 

            • Reselling or donating your clothes?
            Give your pieces a second life! We tend to get bored of our clothes when we wear it for years, but someone else will be thrilled to have a new in garment or a garment itself!

              •  Planting seeds?
              Not only they will look beautiful in the space you chose to place them but they will also clean the air by absorbing CO2, odours and pollutants. How about seedling...
                • Your favourite food ingredients like mint, basil or parsley! The fresher the better
                • Flowers and flowering trees
                • Medicinal plants. Our for ever favourite is aloe vera of course! We never travel during the summer without it! There is always a spot we forget or do not cover properly with the sunscreen. During the rest of the year is also super useful for small injuries. 


                As you can see, it´s not just about plastic. The environmental battle is everywhere! 

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