As the well-known popular saying states every cloud has a silver lining and coronavirus is not an exception to it.

We are not saying these positive effects offset the current COVID-19 negative situation. We are only giving positive bits of information to lower the anxiety built these days as we believe it is important the have hope and try to think positively as much as possible. 

Following we give some optimism pills:


Pill 1. Closer (Local & Global) Community

Sharing is caring has taken a whole new level with COVID-19 crisis. We are leaving our differences and interests aside in order to collaborate all together to solve this huge crisis globally.

Inditex coronavirus help
  • Big multinationals have given their facilities to produce medical equipment like facial masks, medical gloves, sanitary gels or respirators. Inditex, Beiersdof or the CEAGA cluster are an example of this. Thanks to this, we are being able to fight against the worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment endangering the health of frontline workers such as doctors, pharmaceuticals, carriers, police, etc. not to forget patients. 
  • Small businesses are manufacturing and donating medical masks for their local sanitary workers to speed the sourcing. Every grain of sand helps. We are all in this together and we are proving it! No to speculation, yes to donation.  
  • Pharmacies are providing a take away service for the elderly, increasing in this way their security and health. Also many young neighbours are taking care of the eldest by buying them food supplies as so they do not have to leave the house. We are thinking about the person next to us and not only about us. 
  • People all over the world are celebrating everyday at night the work of all the medical heroes by clapping outside their windows and dedicating them shouts for gratitude.
  • Thousands and thousands of people are donating money to support the supply of medical equipment and the impact of the economical recession. 
  • Many professionals have chosen to share with their Online community tips & tricks for free. From daily routines like exercise or cooking to know-how, enriching their communities expertise. The IVY League for example has shared 450 Online courses for people to master. 
  • Virtual concerts are being organised by many artists spreading positivity and light in these complex days. Check out our favourite improvised group @stay.homas


Pill 2. Pollution levels have gone down

China´s air pollution Feb 2020_NASA

  • Due to China´s lookdown, their industrial factories have been shout down for over 1 month resulting in a drop of air pollution levels by approximately 25% and NO2 levels by 30%. 
  • This drop is not merely reduced to China (one of the most populated countries in the world and the largest emitter of greenhouse gases), satellites have picked up very large decreases in levels of NO2 in all industrial regions of the world.
  • On the other hand, Venice´s canal water look clearer than ever. The travel restrictions have resulted in minimum boat traffic.
  • And India's sky has never been so pure. For the first time in many years, you can actually descry the Himalaya on the horizon.


Pill 3. Work-Life Balance

  • Mass teleworking is proving to be a possible. Being able to work from any part of the world gives a lot of flexibility. Also, the fact that there is no need to spend time on going and coming back from work safes us not only time but money. Hence, work-life balance is improved. 
  • We have learnt to appreciate more the life we had that we were certainly taking for granted; assuming it was always going to be like that. 
  • Generally speaking, we are spending more time with our families. Normally, we tend to do million plans in our free time, so neither when we are busy nor when we have free time we dedicate quality time to our family. Now we are.


We are sure you can think of other positive effects of COVID-19, let us know in the comment section! 


*This article has been written backed up with research from official and reliable resources. This is key to avoid fake news or fake donation funds. PLEASE ONLY READ OR SHARE INFORMATION FROM OFFICIAL SOURCES. 

Stay safe and follow the authorities guidelines. In case of doubts you can join WHO's Health Alert on WhatsApp to get information directly to keep people safe from coronavirus, or go through your regional heath assistance office Website. Avoid calls if it is not extremely urgent as lines will get saturated.



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