We are living some crazy days globally and we could really use some distractions. Hence, we have made a list of resources that might help.

As we all have different situations to face (some have to work from home, others don´t, some have kids to take care of, others don´t, etc.), we have made a mixed list: for those who need an entertaining afterwork and for those who need an entertaining day itself.

Take this time to meditate, to work hard with no distractions, to complete those to-do´s you had at the end of your list or to learn about interesting topics, but mainly, to spend time with your family. In our regular daily routines we are submerged in an "always rushing" dynamic with little or no time to invest in me-time or family time. So embrace the time given to compensate it.

Best wishes to you all. Stay safe. Be patient. Be strong. Choose humanity over selfishness. #StayHome



TED Talks - inspirational and worth spreading ideas. We warranty you will always learn something new of value

Kiosko y más – Online free access to Hearst Spain magazines in which, among others, Harpers Bazar,  ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Nuevo Estilo, Cocina Diez or De Viajes are included

Prior – for amazing and bizarre travel experiences

Duolingo – why not learning a new language? take their 15 minute challenges each day

House Party - quality time with your friends & fam is still possible



Friends – a classic you cannot miss! Laughing is always the best way to take your mind off

Modern Love – some happy love stories to lighten these days

This is Us – family drama that will hook you up

The Good Wife – if you love lawyer series, this is it!

Master Class - learn from the best with 12 minutes lessons



McMillion$ - McDonald´s Monopoly game fraud scheme

Our Planet - the astonishing diversity of life on earth

Inside Job - a detailed explanation of the financial crisis of 2008

The Jinx - for the mystery and terror genre audience



Intouchable - you simple HAVE TO watch it

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - best comedy film of all times

Cath Me If You Can - genius, fascinating and based on a real story!

Slamdog Millionaire - touching and inspiring. Will make your hair stand on end

Bohemiam Rhapsody - too cool not to watch it

Gran Torino - the fact that it is directed and produced by Clint Eastwood tells you it is a must see



Do not miss our book corner for book recos!

Also, benefit from platforms like Wikisource free library to read some of the classics or Kindle Unlimited to discover new authors. Or, perhaps dust off old uni text books to refresh some knowledge.



How I Built This - entrepreneurs, innovators and the journey of movements they built

A Mindful Moment - mindfulness meditation



Catan - our forever favourite. It is a strategy game where you have to build villages and cities to conquer Catan. It sounds freaky but it is the best...

Monopoly - work on your financial decisions with the classic table game

Puzzles - good way to train your mind. The > 1.500 pieces are the ones that hook the most. Very challenging distraction

Cards - almost all card games are fun

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