For those not-so-familiarized with the Dutch painter Vicent Van Gogh, here is a bit of his story: He had a short and tumultuous life due to his mental illness. He died at age 37 (1890) and he started painting at age 27 and in only 10 years he painted almost 900 pieces.

He is well known for his post-impressionist style, for the use of vibrant colours and short traces. Despite of this, his career had different stages of his creative style which always depended on his state of mind. In his early stages as an artist his colour palette was dark and his technique realistic and sorrowful. Only when he moved to France and influenced by Monet, Gaugin or Pissarro he began to study and practice the impressionist art movement. During this period of time he created his most-well known painting and he consolidated his characteristic style. 

One of the most curious facts in Van Gogh’s is that he struggled financially all his life where he only sold one painting for aprox. $2.000 (400 belgium francs) and, as a paradox,100 years after his death his painting Dr. Gachet was sold for $148M: beating the world record of one of the most expensive pieces in history. He died as an unknown artist whereas nowadays he is one of the biggest reference artists of all times.

Van Gogh’s story teaches us a key moral: Talent does not depend on the number of pieces you sell or followers you have. It is about authenticity and conveying feelings. Art is creativity having fun, and you clearly see this in Van Gogh’s paintings


Van Gogh Alive is one of our favourite exhibitions of all time, not only because it´s Van Gogh´s master of impressionism but also because it a 360º experience combining at full scale his paintings with music to make you travel through his personal life and the different stages of his artistic life. 

Parts of his personal letters are also amplified in sound and light to help you interpret his thoughts, feelings and state of mind during his time in Arles, Saint Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise. Van Gogh had a very close relationship with his brother Theo, with whom he exchanged a lot of letters through is years. Thanks to that we are able to know many facts about his work and personal circumstances. Colour also plays a very important part in the experience, in combination with  light and sound, images of his pieces are displayed at the rhythm of the symphony. It is fun and very cheerful to watch.

It is indeed as they say "a fresh approach to experiencing art".

It is both for adults and children as it is very dynamic and easy to play part in it. One can walk through rooms or lay down in the puffs to inmerge oneself in this multi-sensory experience.

 It was also on in Madrid last year and we, personally, think last years exhibition was better. The explanation through his letters of how he was feeling at each stage helped the visitor comprehend better this art during that specific period of his lifetime.



It has been on all around the world and now you can enjoy this innovative exposition in Madrid, Pamplona, Mexico, Zurich and Taiwan...

In Madrid you will find it until the 26 of this month in Circulo de Bellas Artes. During the weekends the tickets are often sold out but during midweek you can easily book tickets! The lasts session finishes at 23:45 which is awesome. We recommend booking the tickets in advance Online at: to avoid ques and the last minute rush. 

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