Wearing pyjamas the first days of confinement can be fun and confortable, but warning! it can get depressing after a couple of days. Take care of yourself, internally & externally. Train your brain as you train your body. How we look on the outside reflects how we feel in the inside. More than ever, it is key these days to stay motivated and physiologically healthy and strong. So work on it: meditate, exercise, eat well, dress properly, call your beloved ones, help other and (among others) work hard. If you have a job, work hard on your responsibilities; if you don't, work hard on improving your skills or gaining new ones. 

Sometimes we just can't change things in life, we have to deal with changes. The key question is: How do you want to deal with them? Letting time pass by or getting the most out of you?

Here are some more resources that may help boost your well-being:



So worth it to listen to all of them, really.

Why 30 is not the new 20 by Meg Jay - the time is now

Do schools kill creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson - highly recommendable

Your body language may shape who you are by Amy Cuddy - very powerfull and uplifting speech

The puzzle of motivation by Dan Pink - a new (very well-founded) approach to how motivation works

10 ways to have a good conversation by Celeste Headlee - some are "straight-forward" but other not so... sometimes we just don't realize



Good education is not limited to expensive Masters Degrees, globally-recognized professional qualifications or courses. In fact, there is a lot of valuable information and sources out there for free. Embrace them!

Youtube Tutorials - pick your topic and master in it 

MOMA Museum - become an art expert with their free Online courses  

Harvard University -  is offering 67 courses for free during this pandemic

Yale University - is sharing it's most popular class: The Science of Well-Being. Perfect for this moment right?

Skill Share - 2 free of charge weeks to learn, discover and get lost in creativity



The Great Hack - the dark side of Social Media and its impact on the 2016 EE UU elections

The True Cost - the ugly truth of the fast fashion industry

Explained - episodes of 15 min each focusing on a different topic that explores the big scientific questions of today

Fyre - shows you the reality illusion of Social Media 


If you want/ need to have a break and take you mind off you can always enjoy:


The best is to look for comedians of your country as they are usually funnier due to barrier languages, cultural jokes, etc.



Money Heist – very clever robbery serie

Modern Family – amusing

Game of Thrones – a must

How I Met your Mother - good laugh; the story grows on you 



The Invisible Guest - mystery thriller that will give you goosebumps

Bridget Jones (all three movies) - most hilarious romantic comedy film series ever

A Star is Born - touching, inspiring and charming

The Pursuit of Happiness - Will Smith´s epic movie. Reminds you to keep your feet on the ground and that with hard work and perseverance everything is possible



Do not miss our book corner for book recos!



Art - check out all the isolation creations artists all around the world are making. There is a beautiful blossom of creativity during quarentine. Follow #isolationcreation

Virtual Escape Rooms - our reco is to play at the same time with someone to find the clues, discuss them and solve the mission

Netflix Party - movie time with your friends/fam to comment and watch at the same time

Board Games - mostly all of them are fun. In our last tip post we talked about our favourites 

Tik Tok - in the unlikely case that you haven't heard from it, check it out


In case you haven't read our confinement tips Volume 1, check our post "Patience is bitter but it's fruit is sweet". You will not regret it!

All the best,


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