A Life In Pictures by Bonnie McCurry

A Life In Pictures by Bonnie McCurry is the largest collection of images of the iconic photographer Steve McCurry in a single volume to date; some of which had not been published before.

Forty years of work are compiled in this unique book alongside his personal notes, letters and telegrams to his family during his long and adventurous trips.

Written and compiled by his strong-willed sister, A Life In Pictures is a fine and comprehensive journey through the artist’s inspirations, career path, experiences and intimate insights…

In other words, A Life In Pictures opens you up to what’s behind the camera, allowing you to engage more deeply with McCurry’s work.


Steve McCurry is a globally recognised contemporary photographer best known for documenting conflict areas, ancient traditions and vanishing cultures. His images, which evoke feelings whatsoever, are human, full of meaning, colour and character.

For those whose name does not ring a bell yet, it certainly will once you see some of his work; such as National Geographic’s June 1985 cover: the Afghan girl, one of the most recognisable photographs in the world today.

This portrait is included in the compilation of pictures along with the exact same portrait taken 17 years later when he rediscovered, the previously unidentified refugee girl. 

Afghan girl 17 years later


These portraits are a perfect reflection of McCurry’s style and essence: life and humanity. As the leading magazine precisely describes, McCurry “focuses on the human consequences of war, not only showing what war impresses on the landscape, but rather, on the human face”.


For a complete review of the book and the artist, we cannot ignore he was subject of scandal for image manipulation. It was found that McCurry had made some alterations to some of his photographs. The issue is that photo journalists and their work are witnesses of the reality, so when modifications are made, however small they may be there is an alteration of the reality. Therefore, credibility is at stake. Because who knows how much has been modified?

McCurry was considered a photo journalist, however, he identified himself as a visual storyteller with aesthetic and compositional sense.

Leaving that controversy apart, we very much admire McCurry’s work. His pictures are breathtaking, moving, human… Pure art.


"If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view."

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