This month our book recommendation is going to be a photography book. Cause good books are not just narrative right?  

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton is one of a kind photography book. We have named this post “do not judge a book by its cover” not because it´s cover is not attractive (actually, not at all. It is indeed a piece of art!) but because what´s inside this book reminds you this primordial life lesson.

The book is a well-curated collection of inspiring photographs beautiful not only for the moments it captures or how these are captured, but because they are truly authentic images. Real people immortalized often with a short quote or a notation by the author contextualizing the portraits; full of different characters with diverse situations, goals, experiences…

If this first read was fascinating and fun, then we can´t wait to read Brandon´s second book: Humans of New York: Stories, which delves further into the lives of a new compilation of humans of around the city. Sounds even more unique and powerful! Both Humans of NY were #1 New York Times bestsellers for a reason, go discover it!

Also, do not miss Brandon´s blog to find out more about other series. He has continued this amazing journey through different countries to collect more touching stories.




  • You can try find it in your local bookshop, and if they do not have it for sure they can order it! Always try local first :)
    Otherwise, you can always find it at Amazon

    Sweet Caroline
  • Amazing book, really want to buy the stories one. Do you know how can I?

    Many thanks!!!


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