The most important thing to understand is that EVERY SIZE AND SHAPE IS PRETTY, EQUALLY PRETTY. Everyone should be encouraged to wear whatever makes them feel their best. 

However if you are looking to draw focus to or away from particular elements of your physique, here are some tips that might help.


Siluette femaleBUST

  1.  PETITE bust
You may use to counteract...
SHAPE wise styles:
    • One shoulder - conceals small busts
    • V” plunge - provides upward lift and centres the breasts
    • Balcony - gives maximum uplift & appearance of a fuller bust if wired
    • Push-ups - achieves good lift and cleavage
DESIGN wise styles:
Decorative styles with accents and details like ruffles, bows, textures or striking patterns create an illusion of a larger bust.
If you are not looking to enhance the breasts, well fitted triangle tops, bandeaus or halter styles look beautiful. Almost any style works as low support is required.
  1. GRAND bust
Larger busts require higher support and coverage.
If you desire to subtly draw attention away from the breasts, you may...
    • Underwired styles with no padding
    • Thick straps in the sides and in the back (closure)
    • Lifting minimiser styles like full cups or halter styles for maximum comfort
    • Narrow, overly stretchy straps as these may dig in
    • Low support styles like asymmetrical fits
    • Squeezing in a smaller size
If you are not worried about drawing focus away from the top, triangle and strapless styles are also nice options. They provide with a natural shape and can offer good support and uplift.
If you are looking to even out your chest...
    • Styles w/ removable inserts    
      • If the asymmetry is slight, styles with a thin layer of foam should be enough.
      • If it is  considerable, look for push up inserts.
    • Moulded cups – will give a smooth appearance.

Alternatively, you could add gel/silicone pads to any top style (non wired for example) to achieve the same visual effect.

    • Non removable padded styles – it will make both sides seem bigger 
      1. SEPARATE bust

      Characterised for falling towards the side of your body.

      In order to push the bust into the center ... 

      SEEK for styles:
        • "V" plunge –  lifts the breasts from the angled side of the cup pushing them together   
        • Push-ups  – achieves good lift and cleavage

        If these are uncomfortable to you, try halter neck tops or triangle styles. They should be agreeable.


        BOOTY Silluette female

        1. PETITE booty
        If you desire to make the illusion of a bigger booty look for...

        SHAPE wise styles:
          • Boy shorts – add volume
        DESIGN wise styles:
          • With details on the back like ruffles - will seem more bulky
          • Thicker sides – very flattering. Avoid styles that are too skimpy on the sides such as g-stings, as it will draw attention towards your back
            1. GRAND booty

            You may use to counteract... 

            SHAPE wise styles:
              • Medium & small coverage – full coverage bottoms have the opposite effect (highlights it and makes it look bigger)

            Avoid boy shorts as they are not ideal for this shape

            DESIGN wise styles:
              • High rise & high waisted - elongate the natural leg
              • Ruching or central details - makes it look lifted and more proportional