World map
Our world is full of diversity, beauty and life.
We love our Earth, that is why we work towards conserving it. 
At PIKINI we talk about ethics in a holistic way. Ethics and sustainability throughout the entire value chain; from the fabrics used for the confection of the swimwear, to the way it is manufactured and packed.
Is not merely sustainable swimwear that we promote, it is responsible swimwear.
Our values represent who we are: 
1. QUALITY  Buy less but better
2. LIMITED EDITIONS  Slow fashion. Unique & exclusive pieces
3. ETHICALLY CONSCIOUS  Fair practices (salary, working conditions, sourcing...)
4. SUSTAINABILITY  There is no planet B. Its not a simple quote, it is a huge fact.
5. ART  Sophisticated pieces with unique patterns & details 
6. DIVERSITY  Every size is pretty, equally pretty
      We know it is practically impossible to be 100% sustainable but doing the maximum possible is what counts.